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WE ARE CORONA OPEN: Transcription services will remain open & fully staffed during Corona.

Toronto’s leading research, academic and media organizations use Transcript Heroes for all their Transcription Services needs in Toronto. Not only are we the most affordable in the Toronto area, we are also the only Canadian Service to offer a 200% guarantee on our timelines and accuracy.

Transcript Heroes are No Risk: We provide a 200% Guarantee on both deadline & accuracy.
Affordable Transcription Prices: Currently (Mar. 2014)  the “Herodom” ranks No.1  for having the lowest transcription prices in not only Toronto but across Canada.

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We guarantee to complete your transcripts accurately AND within the quoted time-frame – if not, we will refund the cost AND provide you an equivalent time credit. It’s our 200% guarantee (more info).

“.. It has been a pleasure in regards to your services offered and the simplicity of it made it all the better. I thank you and will keep you in mind for other departments!..”   –   F. Morin INAC Canada  (June 2017).


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Academic Transcription

Transcript Heroes are the preferred providers for some of the largest universities in Canada. We have special discounted rates for academic research programs.  READ: Academic Transcription Services

Transcription Rates

We have recently completed a review of the Top 10 Services and have found transcription prices at Transcript Heroes to be right at the top of the list. READ: Where to find Cheap Transcription

Transcription Jobs

We currently have a number of transcription jobs available at Transcript Heroes for experienced transcriptionists, who are Canada based native  English speakers. READ: Transcription Employment

French Transcription Services

Our French Transcription team is based in Quebec and they are delivering high-quality French Canadian transcription services at the lowest rates in Canada!

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