Certified Transcription Services


We can readily provide a certified transcription, that is a transcript with a certificate of authenticity attached.
Your transcriptionist confirms that the transcript is a true and accurate representation of the audio (see below for an example and exact wording). 
Tell us when you place your order, and we can guide you through this simple add-on service.
See here for an example: Certificate of Authenticity.


In addition to the certificate of authenticity, we can provide a transcription jurat, also known as an affidavit or verification on oath or affirmation.
A Notary checks and signs the transcript to certify that it is a true and accurate representation of your audio file.
See here for more info on the standard procedure in Canada.

The process:
– We book an appointment with a Notary.
– The Notary meets with the transcriptionist from your project.
– The Notary verifies the transcriptionist’s identity (as per passport, driver’s licence etc.).
– The transcriptionist takes an oath or affirmation that the contents of the transcript is true and accurate.
– The transcriptionist signs in front of the Notary to provide a certificate of authentication.
– The Notary stamps and signs the certificate of authentication, acknowledging that they have witnessed the transcriptionist giving the oath/affirmation and that the transcriptionist did indeed sign the certificate of authenticity (in the example below, the certificate includes an example of a standard Notary stamp).
– Now you have an affidavit.

PLEASE NOTE: We need to know at the time of ordering if you require this add-on service.
See here for an example: Affidavit.