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Transcript Heroes Academic Transcription Services has been the lead provider to the top Canadian universities for over ten years

Transcript Heroes is an approved provider of Academic Transcription Services to most universities in Canada. We transcribe projects for both faculty and students from institutions such as McGill, University of Toronto, York University, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia and the University of Manitoba.

What does this mean for you?
Dealing with an established provider means we are on your university’s system. There is no need to wait for a lengthy authorization process, or to pay upfront for your projects. Just send us your order. When we return your transcripts we then email the invoice and you simply pass that on to your finance team (or pay yourself depending on your arrangements).

Your interviews and focus groups are complete; you obtained great data. Now you need affordable and accurate transcription services for your audio recordings. You are looking for Academic Transcription Services you can trust.

Our academic discount is CAD$1.69/rec min. (standard interviews)
We have the lowest Canadian academic transcription rates on Google. Talk to us about how we can fit your transcription budget. 
To qualify for our large project discount rate for academic researchers, projects must:

Tailored to you
Upload custom transcript templates, indicate specific transcript preferences and we will assign your very own personal project manager to call or email directly. We will guide your project through the entire process.

Canada research privacy standards
We store all uploads and files in Montreal, encrypted in transit and at rest. Our process will pass your university data security policy, and we can review and sign your confidentiality agreement – nearly always within 12 hours.

Canadian confidentiality
As part of the ordering process, we can provide a signed university-approved confidentiality and ethics agreement (see: HERE). You can download our agreement or upload your institution’s own for us to sign. Our agreement is based on extensive experience working within the academia. This Transcription Confidentiality Agreement aligns with most Ethics Approval requirements, as well as GDPR. You can download, sign and send us back this agreement. We are equally happy to sign your own confidentiality agreement if required.

University-friendly payment
Our vast experience in dealing with Canadian university-based finance and grant processes gives us the edge. We send invoices on completion, not before, so you don’t have to pay upfront. Directly dealing with and invoicing numerous university departments hundreds of times gives us valuable experience in this area. It will be smoother than a quantum atom mirror.

Quick Quote system for grants and proposals
We have a quick quote online quote system to enable clients to quickly generate quotes for research proposals and grants. No, you don’t have to call us or make time for an appointment. Simply fill in your project details, generate the total cost and email the quote to yourself. Quick. Easy.
If you need more than 30 days, please touch base with the project manager to extend the time frame.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we are experts at this. Brittney, our Toronto-based Project Manager can walk you through the options.
We are on your team – get in touch.

Transcript Heroes is trusted, reliable and Canadian-based.
We provide a 14-Day 200% guarantee on both timelines and accuracy. No other transcription service in Canada stands behind its service as we do.

Ethical, living wage committed
We are super-active in keeping our client’s costs down. Additionally, we are wholly committed to our team and provide fair pay for the awesome work they deliver. READ: What’s the living wage?

At the cutting edge? So are we

Specialized Canadian Academic Transcription Services, compliant and at a rate that fits the budget – CAD$1.69/rec. min. (base rate for standard interviews.)

De-identification options for academic transcription

We use de-identification processes to safeguard the personal identity of research participants.

We can produce transcripts compliant with the widely accepted HIPPA Standard.

Using the HIPPA Safe Harbor method we will remove 18 standard identifiers from your data (names, addresses etc.). These identifiers can be replaced with a non-identifying place holder, e.g. “17 Smith Street” becomes [address], “Sam Smith” becomes [personal name], or pseudonymization techniques where a code replaces the identifier with a temporary ID, e.g. “Sam Smith” becomes “Mr White”, and “17 Smith Street” becomes “Mr White’s address”.

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No need to pay upfront

We will email your invoice AFTER we send the transcripts back.

University grant invoice-based payment
We won’t ask you to pay online or upfront, but invoice your department directly. We have invoiced many different university departments, hundreds of times. Include any Purchase Order number (PO number) in the box on the order form to really get things going smoothly.

60 days payment timeline
University finance and grants can take a long time to process. To take the pressure off, we offer a 60 day payment timeline to our university clients.

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University-approved confidentiality agreements to offer
top security

Simple confidentiality agreements
Based on extensive experience working with university ethics approval processes, we have developed a Transcription Confidentiality Agreement that aligns with most ethics approval requirements. Avoid the back-and-forth with your department for approval, or dealing with faceless transcription services for agreement sign-offs. You can download our agreement HERE, or we can sign off on yours very quickly (just attach it to your quote or order form). We will have it signed and back to you in a few hours.

Top security – end-to-end encryption
We are one of the few transcript services that incorporate end-to-end encryption technology, both in transit and at rest. Third-party auditors assess the security and compliance of our Amazon Montreal-based data hosting centre as part of the Amazon AWS compliance programmes. These include The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), SOC, PCI, FedRAMP, and HIPAA (see here).

Top security – Amazon Montreal-based AWS servers
Amazon AWS complies with ISO 27018, a code of practice that focuses on the protection of personal data. This is part of the ISO information security standard 27002 (see here).

Top security – vetted Canada-based team
We interview and screen our team personally. All typists undergo security training and typically possess experience in either legal or medical administration, making them well-versed in handling confidential and sensitive information. We abide by, and are accountable to, Canadian privacy and confidentiality law.

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Tailored transcripts & qualitative templates

One size does not fit all

You exercise ultimate control over the inclusion and exclusion of content in your transcripts. Choose to include active listening, interjections, false starts, repetitions, stutters, slang, contractions, or to keep it pared back and simple.

Ask us how we can tailor our transcript templates so they can input directly into qualitative research software programs such as NVivo, MAXQDA, ATLAS.ti etc.

If you have a specific template you’d like us to use, we can incorporate just about anything.

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