Confidentiality Agreement

What is a Confidentiality Agreement?

A Confidentiality Agreement is a legal contract that is sometimes used interchangeably with the term Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Its primary purpose is to protect sensitive information by ensuring that the parties involved do not disclose this information to third parties. These agreements are used when there is a need to share confidential or sensitive information, such as personal information, health information, trade secrets, proprietary data, or other valuable or sensitive information, between two parties.

In essence, a Confidentiality Agreement helps establish a level of trust and confidentiality between the parties involved, safeguarding sensitive information from being disclosed to unauthorized individuals or entities. This can be crucial in business settings, partnerships, or any situation where the exchange of sensitive data is necessary but requires protection.


We have chosen to use this agreement to maximize transparency and trust in our security and confidentiality processes. It is a Canadian-relevant contract developed by a neutral authoritative party (not a lawyer employed by us trying to protect our position). The agreement is based on a standard Canadian University agreement.

Committed to the Tri- Agency Privacy and Confidentiality Policy (2022).

Transcript Heroes are committed to helping clients uphold their obligations under the Tri-Agency policy regarding “Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans”. We recognise that “confidentiality includes obligations to protect information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, loss or theft. Fulfilling the ethical duty of confidentiality is essential to the trust relationship between researcher and participant and to the integrity of the research project” (see HERE).

Can WE sign YOUR Confidentiality Agreement?

No problem. We are happy to review and sign your agreements. Simply email the agreement to and we will get it signed and back to you ASAP.

Duration – The NDA is valid indefinitely.

This agreement covers clients indefinitely for transcription projects with us (you don’t need to fill one in every time you make an order). We are bound to protect your data – indefinitely.

How to activate the agreement.

  • Download the PDF – click the big DOWNLOAD AGREEMENT button below.
  • Fill in your details – Open the PDF on your desktop, and fill in the parts marked in yellow, just your organisation name and info (if you don’t have an e-signature setup, you can use the free and trusted Adobe online signature service here).
  • Upload – Upload the document to the order page.
  • Done.
  • NOTE: No agreement is in place if the agreement is not uploaded WITH the order (see the order form) or is emailed to us BEFORE the data is provided. You cannot create an agreement after the order has been confirmed.