Transcription Rates

How much does it cost to get a transcription?

Transcript Divas have the best transcription rates for UK-based, human (not AI) transcription. Since we began reviewing the industry in 2014, we have consistently offered the lowest rates in the UK.

Our Transcription rates are based on TWO factors – what is the turnaround? and how long will it take to complete?

Use our quote form to calculate your total project cost, then email the quote to yourself to lock in rates for 30 days. No hidden or extra charges and no surprises. A 200% guarantee on accuracy and meeting the deadline is included with all clearly recorded orders.

Basic Transcription Rates

Turnaround Time Rate/Minute
14 Business Days£0.80
7 Business Days£0.90
5 Business Days£0.95
3 Business Days£1.00
2 Business Days£1.20
1 Business Day£1.40
Basic Transcription Rates

United Kingdom Charity & Community Projects: We actively look for avenues to assist our community. If the transcription project is part of an NGO or community-driven project – perhaps we can help? Contact Andrew directly HERE.

Found better rates in the UK: Email the quote to Andrew and we will see if we can beat it (email Andrew HERE).

Add-ons to Basic Rate

Common Add-ons Rate/Minute
Two speakers ++£0.40
Very unclear+£0.60
English Second Language (ESL)+£0.40
Add-ons to the Basic Transcription Rate

Difficulty Add-ons: Several factors, detailed on the quote and order forms, will add to the basic turnaround rates. Factors such as more than two people talking, unclear recordings, etc., increase the time we need to transcribe a recording and hence attract higher rates. Lock-in the rates in an exact quote emailed to you?