Certified Transcription Services

A certified transcription, that is, a transcript with a certificate of authenticity attached, can be included with projects. Your transcriptionist will certify that the transcript is a true and accurate transcript (see below for an example and exact wording). 

Notary affidavit – verification on oath or affirmation / jurat.

In addition to the certificate of authenticity, a transcription jurat, sometimes called an affidavit or verification on oath or affirmation can also be gained from a Notary for your transcripts (see here for more info on the standard procedure in Canada).

The process.
– We will book an appointment with a Notary.
– The Notary will meet with the transcriptionist from your project.
– The Notary will verify the transcriptionists’ identity (as per passport, driver’s license etc.).
– The transcriptionist will take an oath or affirmation that the contents of the transcripts are true.
– The transcriptionist will sign in front of the Notary the certificate of authentication.
– The notary will stamp and sign the certificate of authentication identifying that they have witnessed the transcriptionist giving the oath/affirmation and that transcriptionist did indeed sign the certificate of authenticity (in the example below, the certificate includes an example of a standard notary stamp).