Video & Film Transcription Timecode

Time codes for Film & Video Transcription are mostly based on visible Burnt in Time Code (see: wiki), as BITC remains accurate even after editing. Our standard time code is to place a time code at the beginning of each response and 30 secs after that if the response turns into a monologue.

For groups and unstructured talking (e.g. not a question and answer based format), we will place a time code every 30 seconds of video.

We can provide time codes based on the:

  • Burnt In Time Code (BITC) – BITC can be added to any video file in Final Cut Pro (see: BITC Tutorial). We recommend BITC  time-coded transcripts as the timecodes are still accurate after the film is edited.
  • Media Played Elapsed Time (starts at 00:00:00). Do note, this timecode will not match your editing software timecodes and once edited the timecodes in the transcripts are not accurate.