Transcript Heroes Review

An honest, reliable business, offering transcription at a good rate is the aim at Transcript Heroes. Not only for clients but also for the contractors who make up the Diva team.

Transcription Rates.

Transcript Heroes aim to provide very cost-effective transcription rates to clients, but at the same time offer our contractors very competitive rates to work with us. We try to design the project management/quality control/office systems/human resources/marketing etc. to be super-efficient and trustworthy so that we can pass on the savings to clients, but also offer contractors good rates as well.

The contractor rates we offer will change depending on the service a client has ordered. Essentially the more complicated and faster the project, the more the client will be charged, and the more the contractor will get paid to complete the project (our rates are here).

Quality – how good are our Heroes?

We are the only transcription service to offer a 200% guarantee on quality and time lines, so we need high-quality contractors working with us.
You need to be on time every time. Up to quality, always.
If you are not, we simply take you off the contractor list, and you will simply stop getting work from us.

Do note, that as a contractor you do get the chance to “accept” or “decline” a project offer before starting it. We don’t set up contractors to fail.


As an independent contractor, you cannot be an employee. Do not confuse being an employee (full time or part-time) with being a contractor.

Tax rules are quite strict about which is which and we have to comply with them. Some Transcription Services like to float around in the grey zone and bend the rules, we do not. Tax law (see: here) and the 20 IRS 20 Factor test dictates that contractors must:

  • Present and be paid via an invoice (FYI our target date for paying invoices is 14 days after submitting. Sometimes we are earlier, sometimes later. If contractors need a “firm” date – we are open to contract changes/discussion, please get in touch via the accounts@ email).
  • Not receive “training”. Contractors are expected to be fully skilled (although we cannot “teach” you to type etc., we need to provide guidance on our systems and style guides etc.)
  • Work on a project by project basis – not have a set amount of hours per week etc. Having a set amount of hours to work a week would be classed as a part-time employee not a contractor agreement.
  • Be able to say yes or no to projects offered.

Still interested in Diva-dom? Whoop. Whoop.
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