French Transcription Services – Our Quebec based French Transcription team.

Transcript Heroes French Transcription Team are based in Quebec, Canada and are “Canadian French First Language Speakers”

Why Us?

BEST FRENCH TRANSCRIPTION RATES: Transcript Heroes rates for French transcription are the best on Google. We know, we priced checked the first three pages of Google Canada French transcription services to make sure. Large orders over 400 minutes? Call your Project Manager to see if we can arrange a better price.

French Transcription Services

ACTUAL FRENCH CANADIAN TEAM: Transcript Heroes engages only professional transcriptionists that are currently living in the Quebec province to ensure that our “Canadian french” is upto date, and current. Although some Canadian Transcription Services are using European French speakers, we believe that Canadian French is substantially different to European French and requires ‘native’ Canadian French speakers in order to achieve the accuracy that our clients are expecting. Keeping it local – is of maximum importance.

OUR 200% GUARANTEE: Transcript Heroes are the only transcription service in Canada that offer a 200% guarantee on achieving the time line and achieving 98% accuracy on clear recordings. Right the first time – is the philosophy at Transcript Heroes and we stand by that. Other transcription services will correct errors (if a client finds them), what we find is that clients do not want errors to begin with! We stand behind our transcripts 200%.

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